Beauty Army

Beauty Army offers an interesting concept for women who love to cosmetics. For a $12 monthly subscription, women can receive 6 new beauty products that match their specific profile. It all starts with a simple online survey that asks about your skin tone, complexion, makeup routine, hair type, fragrance, and nails. Then, you have the option of choosing 6 different types of beauty samples that have been matched to your profile. The product samples you choose are mailed to you within 8 to 10 days.

Launched in January 2012, Beauty Army has grown to 116,000 monthly active users who are 90% female between the ages of 15-35 years old. In addition to its consumers, Beauty Army also works with over 135 beauty and wellness brands who receive sample distribution, sales of full-size products, and social media marketing.

The majority of the company’s inbound marketing is through its social channels: 32,255 Likes on Facebook, 3,413 Likes on Pinterest, 2,638 Followers on twitter and 24,706 tweets. These social channels are well-supported by an easy to use website and a YouTube channel that not only demonstrates how Beauty Army works, but also provides real customer testimonies that help build its community.

I signed up for Beauty Army’s email list but there were no free trials, just an email to subscribe for $12 a month or follow them on Facebook and twitter. I was unable to find any online ads or relevant beauty-related or product sample-related searches that resulted in Beauty Army. It appears that the company heavily relies on its social channels for its customer acquisition strategy.


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