Brickflow – A great concept, but misses the mark on reaching the end-user

Brickflow is trying to turn social media into visual stories through an application that users can aggregate and curate media from sources such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Unlike some of the tools that allow users to create linear feeds, Brickflow helps users with story telling through connecting photos, videos, and soundtracks.


According to, Brickflow is raising $450,000, and has previously raised $70,000. Brickflow’s marketing says that it is targeting “young urban citizens eager to express themselves on the web”.


Brickflow is a great concept – and if it worked, I would definitely use it. The video demonstration on illustrated the “storytelling” concept and had audio playing during the slide show. A link from sent me to a link on Brickflow’s website, which was broken. I continued searching on for more examples of its technology. One video/slideshow that Brickflow provided could have been a great demonstration of the potential of the technology; however, the audio wasn’t working. I also tried to sign up for a free trial, but that wasn’t working either. Although, it is a compelling idea, Brickflow has some work to do on its customer acquisition strategy.


One thought on “Brickflow – A great concept, but misses the mark on reaching the end-user

  1. Thanks a lot for your honest feedback. This helps us a lot in improving our service. I’d love to have a brief chat with you to better understand your story, let me know if you have a few minutes in the coming weeks.

    All the best,

    Mihaly Borbely

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