Kivo – Painless Powerpoint Collaberation

Kivo is a tool that lets teams use a version control system known as git to collaborate on powerpoint slide decks.  The product appears to be targeting a fairly technical set of users who are familiar with terms like SSH or Git.  It looks like in the future, they hope to open their tool up to work with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite.

It is somewhat hard to figure out their marketing strategy. They have a blog with two fairly recent articles that basically state the company’s manifesto–they don’t have an extensive set of articles describing workflows, or articles giving out tips for successful powerpoint collaboration.  They do not seem to be doing any kind of paid marketing like adwords campaigns–I tried searching for for terms like “powerpoint version control” or “powerpoint git” and did not get any ads on Google, let alone ads for Kivo.

When I downloaded the application, they prompted me to give my email address in order to get installation instructions.  Once I gave my email, I promptly got an automated message from the founder thanking me for the download, reminding me to tell everybody I know about the product, and providing me a link to customer support.

If I was in their shoes, I would think a mix between 75% inbound and 25% outbound marketing would be ideal.  I think you could get a lot of inbound traffic by posting helpful articles on ways companies can improve document collaboration as well as non-technical articles about why using version control to manage documents might be a good idea.  I think running an adwords campaign that targets keywords like “powerpoint version control” would be a pretty effective outbound marketing tactic.


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