QuietNITE – A Split Consumer Focus

QuietNite is a mouthguard designed to properly align an individual’s jaw while sleeping, both reducing tissue vibration and increasing airflow, thus reducing the effect of snoring. A UK-based product, QuietNITE acquires its customers through a distribution network of prescribing dentists.  Although it states directly on Angellist that “Our customer is a Dentist, a Dental Laboratory, or a Distributor,” this company appears to cater to both the product user (snorer) and dental practices/labs in its online customer acquisition strategy. For the downstream consumer, it allows the user to both register his or her device (thus securing a one-year guarantee) and gives step-by-step picture instructions for the customer to adjust their Mouthguard for optimal fit and effectiveness.

While the wearer can contact the company directly through information found on their site, their strong distributor registration focus is evident as the link to this portion of their site is found on every page, click able on the phrase, “Want to Become a Distributor? – Click Here”. There is no doubt that the product’s FDA approval helps in its acquisition of new distributors and by virtue of this, new customers.


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