Volunteer, Get Involved in Your Community and Rock Your Block

Rock Your Block is a platform that is described as a combination of LinkedIn and Monster.com for teenagers. It is a social network that links teenagers with local opportunities to help them make money, gain experience and enhance skills.  Rock Your Block allows teenagers to find and filter jobs in the local community and their own neighborhood. Teenagers can use Rock Your Block to showcase their resumes in the similar manner working professionals use LinkedIn.


Typical target customer is 13 to 19 years old, going to high school and is interested in part time work opportunities and their community. Target customers are experienced users of social media and mobile apps.


Rock Your Block uses both inbound and outbound marketing to acquire new customers. The outbound marketing employs Facebook targeted ads. They do not use any Google ads. Inbound marketing relies on the rich text content published on the company blog. The company mainly communicates to its customers through Facebook. Their registration portal is also directly connected to Facebook. The other social media used are Twitter and LinkedIn.  Both Twitter and Facebook pages have around a thousand followers and the company publishes updates daily to engage with its followers. Rock Your Block team generates also a lot of video content and publishes it on YouTube. They do a lot of interviews with representatives of youth organization and local communities. The interviews address issues such as volunteering, part time jobs for teenagers and community development and seem to promote Rock Your Block indirectly. Rock Your Blog should probably work more on the search engine optimization. It is almost impossible to find their website through organic search using any combinations of keywords such as part time jobs, jobs for teenagers, volunteers, local jobs etc.


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