3D printing has never been easier!

Formlabs is the first company in the space to introduce an affordable 3D printing without sacrificing the high quality of the prints. Form 1 is the first official product of the company, which is a capable 3D printer that uses Stereolithography technology  to produce the highest resolution 3D printing in the world. With only $3,299 price tag Form 1 is an affordable solution for the designers looking to do their printing in-house.

Formlabs has a unique value proposition on the market by offering easy to use, affordable printers that produce high quality prints. The use of liquid photopolymer as the main resin allows user to craft models with ultra-fine details. Form 1 offers a 2 step process for your 3D printing needs. First, you utilize the software that comes with the printer to design your product. Second, you push the start button and let Form 1 printer do its magic. This simplicity goes beyond most of our expectations from the low budget printer like this.

I believe that company does a great job at communicating with its target customer. Company features a website that is very elegant and informative. In addition to providing the basic info on the company and its products,  it shows a very interesting demo of the Form 1 capabilities, allows you to put an order online and finally contains a blog page that keeps you up-to speed with company’s events.  Company seems to be very engaged with its customers and investors. Formlabs encourages feedback from its customers and this open dialogue will  lead to even better product in the future tailored to specific needs of its customers.


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