ActiveReplay offers discount to first customers

ActiveReplay believes to have the next-best thing in extreme sports technology – the Trace.  Trace is a small, puck-shaped device that attaches to your snowboard, surfboard, skateboard, or just about anywhere else you can think of.  The software in this peanut butter cup-sized device then records data like jump-count, speed, spins, height and anything else an adrenaline junky would want to brag about to his friends.  And speaking of sharing, the device is designed to be completely compatible with many different types of social media making connecting with fellow boarders even easier.

ActiveReplay is looking to raise money to fund its initial shipments of the new product, due to launch early next year.  The campaign is being run through inbound marketing methods such as finding first customers on its busy Twitter account and through venture capitalist sites like KickStarter.  Videos and images posted to these sites are quickly creating quite the following.

The company has successfully reached its $150,000 initial investment goal for initial production and is offering Trace at a limited-time price of just $99.  The company shows some signs of scalability issues as it is limiting first production runs for a product targeting a somewhat selective customer-base.  However, as it points out in its positioning statement, the members of the extreme sports community have no issue spending money to improve their experiences. 


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