Anomo – Social networking with Avatars

Anomo is a company that allows people to connect using digital avatars rather than their own photos.  The idea is that people make judgments based on photos and an avatar will allow the people to meet based on human connection.  

As for the marketing strategy and customer acquisition it seems to be entirely outbound marketing and direct customer acquisition.  I know they are not using many inbound marketing tactics because I did several searches for them using their own words to describe their company and they never came up in the search.  If they are doing any inbound marketing they are not doing it very well.  

They are giving out stickers and doing Facebook promotions.  I spoke with a representative of the company who said they are trying to expand school by school targeting high schools and Colleges. 

What do I think of this strategy?  It sounds pretty good.  I don’t think 18-25 year olds go searching for a social network that uses avatars.  But if they hear about it and find out that their friends are on it they might be into it. 


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