Asseta is the eBay for buying and selling capital equipment. It is a B2B play and attracts its customers by enabling them to do equipment tracking and management in an easy and seamless manner through drag and drop interfaces.

When a customer is ready to sell or buy a capital equipment, they can use eBay like marketplace with Asseta to do so. Now, one can ask why would someone choose Asseta if there is already an eBay for “everything”. Asseta’s claim is that they understand the approval and tracking workflows that are used in businesses to buy and sell equipment.

With a PInterest like front page, the website seems to be the prime marketing tool for customer acquisition. Given the high cost of customer acquisition in the B2B scenario, the free offer probably will help draw small and medium businesses. Search engines do not reveal much information about Asseta unless you search for the company’s name. This implies they have not yet done a lot towards SEO for keywords.

One can sign up with LinkedIn or create a “local” user account on the site.

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