BizeeBee… manage your membership based business

BizeeBee helps businesses that offer memberships.

BizeeBee is a cloud based software solution aimed at servicing small membership-based businesses like yoga, fitness and dance studios, and independent instructors.  The BizeeBee solution allows you to track memberships of customers (including expired and most popular packages), allow online purchasing via online storefront, and identify trends to help grow your business, as well as many other benefits.

BizeeBee’s customer segmentation strategy focuses on small independent businesses with 50-100 members daily.  They differentiate themselves by focusing on a simple solution for their target, and by focusing on a smaller customer set than their competition, who targets larger businesses across additional service offerings.  The BizeeBee solution is also an at will offering, as BizeeBee does not require a contract.

The team at BizeeBee is composed of many yoga professionals who have felt the pain of trying to manage their small membership based business and class members.  

BizeeBee draws traffic by creating content on, as well as The Hive, an online central resource for BizeeBee members that includes weekly blogs from studio owners, ideas for strengthening and growing the business, and testimonials from BizeeBee customers.  BizeeBee also maintains presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogspot, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumbler.  With over 600 customers across six countries (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, UK) and a base in Palo Alto, it seems that most of BizeeBee’s marketing is inbound.  



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