Buddy.com Will Help Your App Succeed on the Market

Buddy.com offers solutions to the app developers on iOS, Anroid, Windows 8, Mono and HTML5 platforms. Buddy is a Back-end-as-a-service(BaaS) that publishes sets of APIs covering app needs. High-fidelity app analytics are auto-generated to help developers measure user engagement in the apps, count of downloads and number of users.

Microsoft and Nokia already decided to use buddy.com for it’s developers. Microsoft provided 160,000+ developers globally with Buddy accounts. Microsoft outlined the service that Buddy provides as “outstanding” at accelerating the development process to help save time and money. Nokia “premier” developers are now offered accounts to buddy.com to focus their time on building high quality apps and spending less time on the backend cloud services to support the functionality in their apps.

BaaS is quickly growing with a potential of becoming a $5B industry by 2015. More and more big tech companies participating in the mobile apps space will rely on the reliable companies like buddy.com to outsource the backend services for their developers thus growing the number of app releases on the platforms.


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