eVenues- Taking the headache out of finding event space

Founded in 2008, eVenues offers the everyday meeting planner a destination site to search, compare, and book small meeting and event space, similar to Expedia & Airbnb concepts. Winner of the Founders Showcase May 2010, eVenues aggregates all types of space from boardrooms & conference rooms, classrooms, to small event spaces (theaters, galleries, clubs). eVenues has developed real-time, just-in-time, and lead-gen technology for processing customer requests and closing business. Additional complimentary business models for further food & beverage, transportation, task services are being developed.

eVenues uses both inbound and outbound marketing to acquire new customers.  In terms of inbound marketing, eVenues is experiencing 80% traffic growth quarterly. Regarding to the outbound marketing, eVenues figures out many approaches to attract potential customers. It launched new leadgen platform @Leadscon. eVenues also works on API strategy for partnering with CRMs and event platforms: ConstantContact, ActiveNetwork, etc.

eVenues makes efforts on distribution.  They carry space in most major US markets and other ones; uploaded more than 1000 top Expedia selling hotels. Working on hotel distribution deals: Pegasus & Sabre Hospitality and others; working on partnership with ABCN, which is the largest virtual office provider; testing all types of other spaces include: cinemas, theaters, govt/city spaces, community centers; currently onboarding restaurants in major markets with private dining space (Open Table hole).

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