Fanzo is a sports aggregator mobile app that provides sports fans with the latest breaking news before it starts to trend on social media, and before major news outlets like are able to publish a story.  Fanzo accomplishes this by ranking fans, bloggers, and authors on social media via a Fanzo score.  Leveraging their score as reputation, Fanzo can push news updates, like football injuries or hot off the press trades, quickly to the user’s smartphone.  At the same time, Fanzo hopes consumers will compete with each other to increase their Fanzo score, thus creating an engaged community of users.

Fanzo appears to be primarily outbound marketing to build their customer base – it seems their strongest presence is in online marketing, via targeted ads placed on sites like Facebook and Google.  Facebook allows them to target very specific customers, perhaps those engaging in fantasy football, and die hard supporters for local teams like the Seahawks.   They are also using social media (twitter, facebook) to actively reach out to others.

Inbound marketing does not appear to be a strategy of theirs at all – it is extremely difficult to find any content via their website, and there is little information available other than a link for a user to go download their iOS app.  They are trying to spur some organic growth by leveraging their existing customer base – users have the option of sharing their fan score on social media, which could spur more app downloads.


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