is a concierge for essential men’s gear

Manpacks is a company providing men’s underwear, socks, razors, condoms and more for men who don’t like to shop.  They have a great logo of a line drawn pair of men’s underwear that is both light hearted and informative – you know exactly what and who you are shopping for upon seeing it. Furthermore.  Front and center of their website is a big green button with an arrow pointing to it to “Build a Manpack” drawing you in further.

Their primary strategy for customer acquisition is through outbound campaigns. They have purchased SEM on Google and in addition hit you with a limited time offer as soon as you enter their website. First time l entered, I was offered five dollars off as soon as the site loaded in exchange for my email address. Upon entering my email address I was told that the rebate would be added to my next order if I ordered within the next 72 hours. It’s a strong strategy to drive trail of their service – I immediately wanted to search their wares to see how I could spend this “reward”.

Unfortunately, they were very slow on contacting me with a welcome email or any type of outreach outside of their website. I first signed in around 9:00 pm and upon posting this I still haven’t heard from them. Additionally, their website could use some more inbound marketing. They currently help provide giftpacks for those who are shopping for that special man in their lives based on types of men – “The Playboy,” “The High Roller,” “The Gym Rat,” etc. But they provide minimal information for men who are looking for themselves. A tool that could help align types of guys with specific products could be useful. It would also serve double duty as something that helps Manpacks by letting their customers self-segment thus allowing them to provide more targeted offers and notifications to their customers.


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