Medigram is Safe and Fast Messaging Solution for Health Care Professionals is Here!

Medigram is fast and reliable messaging system for medical professionals that is fully compliant with HIPAA security regulations. Medigram software is available on droid, IOS and windows mobile platforms. 256-bit AES encryption will keep information protected while still allowing seamless messaging experience with peers.

Medigram offers a solution to multiple customer segments ranging from small, local clinics to world class institutions with 1000+ clinicians. In order to better address the needs of different customer segments, company offers 3 Medigram plans to choose from: provider, professional and enterprise. Company offers a free 60-day trial of the provider plan to anyone interested in test driving the software. Medigram is mostly marketed through the inbound channels. Company is advertising through blogs, videos and multiple social media channels like twitter and Facebook.

Sign up for the trial version of the provider plan gave me an idea on the unique functionality of the software like sharing pictures and inviting friends. Company is pushing free trials as an outbound campaign to create momentum in the industry and increase adaptation of software among medical students and medical staff.


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