Medigram- Safe and Private Texting for Health Care Workers

Medigram is a group messaging platform for health care professionals (i.e. doctors, nurses, etc). By allowing healthcare professionals to talk and refer online, they combine the ease of online communicaton with the safety of a security system that is HIPAA-compliant, the federal law that regulates the privacy of online transfer of health information.

In typical enterprise technology, the strategy is to sell the technology to the organization, then have it implement the technology to staff. Medigram is trying to do the reverse. They allow doctors and providers to sign up for the app on their own, start communicating with each other immediately, and then when it gains enough traction, the doctors push the health system to purchase the enterprise version of the software.

I think this is a remarkably good idea because, even more than most people, physicians hate things being shoved down their throat. They want to see something work before they commit to it. They are also much more likely to listen to colleague about the benefits of this technology than the administration.

They are doing an outbound push with med students and residents now, hoping that their usage of the product will allow for organic use within healthcare teams, including attending physicians, nurses, and other staff.


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