Movie Skits

Movie Skits ( is an app that allows customers to recreate Hollywood movie scenes with smartphones or tablets in simple, fun and legal way. People could also share their skits with friends, participate in contests, or play the separate Movie Skit multiplayer social game apps. The fund that they are raising is 200,000.

They run both inbound and outbound campaigns as their customer acquisition strategy. For inbound campaign, they have a single page website that display the basic information, features and user instruction of the app to attract potential customers. For outbound campaign, they claim that the social media sharing, PR, and cross promotion campaigns with studios and stars would help them with distribution, also, they have traditional venues like movie screen advertising, community theaters, film fests, theater lobbies. However, the latter seems like their expectation instead of what they have done.

I tried to look for the app in Apple Store, but couldn’t find it. There are a twitter and facebook account on the website, however, the facebook link is invalid, while the twitter account has only one follower with no tweets. So, this part is really frustrated for customers who are attracted by their idea and website. The invalid or inactive social media page would drive away a lot of potential customers if the product were not yet pushed out.

There is also one strategy they have for inbound campaign is that they have a link for viewers to take a market survey on the website. Thus, they could know more about their targeted customer.


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