Red Clay – Democratizing product design for enterprises

Red clay is a crowd sourced design platform for enterprise. They connect brands, designers and consumers to create physical products. Their platform provides bands and retailers a solution for their increasing need for exclusive, innovative product ideas at a fraction of the cost and time to market. They have currently raised ~500K with a target goal of $3.5 million.

They have recently acquired their largest customer ( and are targeting to launch their service on February 1st 2014. Their customer acquisition strategy is based on attracting designers to sign-up and publish their work. Potential brands can browse designers profile of designers and review their work. Users have the option of voting designs published by designers. The highest voted designs automatically surfaces on top of the search list. The lowest rated design automatically gets weeded out of the system. In order to attract more designers, Red clay periodically run competitions on behalf of popular brands. This has attracted a large community of designers to submit their ideas. End-consumers vote on design submissions and the winning designs are manufactured by the brands. In addition, every designers application should include link to their past designs and referrals. Applications are reviewed before they are accepted. This process ensure quality of designers.

Red clay design campaigns strategy is primarily centered around inbound marketing . They have invested heavily in SEO. A simple search for “Red clay designs” on takes us to their site and images of popular designs published on their site. They should invest bit more on surfacing popular designers from their website in search engines.

I signed up as a designer on their website. My application is under review.


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