Red Clay Design: An Innovative Approach towards Innovative Designs

Red Clay is a web-based product design platform. They enable brands to crowdsource consumer feedback on design ideas submitted by a talented and diverse pool of designers. Red Clay Design partners with brands to host design projects. Here, designers, brands and consumers collaborate to turn compelling concepts into beautiful objects for the home. Red Clay has a compelling selling point for its corporate customers (Dillard’s, Cheyenne Lighting, NY Now Home & Design, Giggle Nursery Products etc): “decrease time and cost to innovate while increasing the quantity of exclusive ideas to choose from, and engage their customers in a personalized and meaningful way by inviting them to curate their product line from an innovative pool of design ideas.” Their goal is also to dramatically increase the exposure of creative individuals and provide them the tools and platform to innovate their ideas and propel them into the national retail space. Corporate customers also have the unique benefit of reaching out to their customers in  order to allow them to “critique ultimately choose the designs that would be produced and sold in the brand’s retail outlets across the country.” Thus this would also mean an increase in social media outreach towards their customers, for example for their Dillard’s project the client (Dillard’s) was able to get about 4000 customers to look at the submitted designs and cast their votes. Red Clay is very easy to search for while using a regular search engine like google. There are numerous web pages which not only talk about Red Clay but their ongoing customers’ design projects as well. Their facebook page and pinterest board also have beautiful and inspiring designs for all kinds of home products, thus attracting both the designer community and various brands.


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