Leveraging Twitter to Share Music

TwitMusic is a product that leverages the growing twitter network. Artists upload exclusive tracks and fans register/tweet to hear them. TwitMusic uses a mix of inbound/outbound marketing leveraging growth from clever viral campaigns to bring big fan data to artists and labels. It targets musicians looking to build a fan base. TwitMusic offers multiple avenues allowing artists to share music on Twitter and launch campaigns to help grow followers, go Trending and reach new audiences.

A unique campaign is “Tweet to Download”, which requires users to Tweet the artists track to their followers on Twitter before they can download it, thereby exposing music to new audiences. Additionally, with the Hashtag to Stream campaign, users are required to Tweet a customized #hashtag on Twitter in order to stream your content. This helps the artists #hashtag go Trending on Twitter as several users Tweet the same hashtag in a short period of time.

While many artists are beginning to realize the potential of the service for interacting with fans, Philippines-based startup Twitmusic is taking engagement with music on Twitter to the next level. The site is very Twitter specific, adopting similar aesthetics to Twitter.com to help artists and users feel more comfortable on the website. That’s a move aimed at encouraging usage.

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