A Breathe Right of Fresh Air

Have you heard of the Breathe Better. Sleep Better. Challenge? Well, many have in the PR community as this GolinHarris-sourced campaign was recognized in the PR Week’s most recent awards, for using a minimal budget to drive website, Facebook, and impression activity. It also received an honorable mention in the 2012 PR News Platinum PR Awards under the category of Satellite Media Tour. The idea of this campaign is to use Breathe Right strips to help with nasal congestion while sleeping, providing a full refund to the user if they are not fully satisfied with the results. The campaign website provides both a progress tracker as well as a “congestion” study performed by Breathe Right and Sperling’s BestPlaces that identifies the 50 most congested cities. Seattle just made the cut at # 46.

I believe that this public relations campaign is geared primarily toward traditional media channels, with some residual exposure, and hopefully endorsement by, lifestyle blogs. Although that support is not always what Breathe Right gets.  I found this campaign by searching through the Breath Right site and affiliated press releases. As the most popular low-cost, low-value provider in the congestion/snoring market, we believe that many of our target consumers will be sourced organically from companies like Breathe Right, as those customers will be willing to spend more for a solution that actually works for them.


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