Good Greens

Guest Blogging Campaign increases Revenues 50%

Good Greens is a Cleveland, OH company founded by Keith Pabley that produces and sells natural, healthy snack bars that are gluten free, dairy free, contain 40 antioxidants and 3 probiotics. Pabley set out to make a healthy bar that actually tasted good, and if market demand is any indicator – mission accomplished.

Good Greens is a tremendous example of a small company, with a limited marketing budget, who used inbound marketing very effectively to increase revenue by 50% in four months. The bars are now sold in over 1,200 stores. Pabley built relationships with local Cleveland based bloggers. Cultivating those relationships resulted in plugs for Good Greens from over 30 of the most influential blogs in the Cleveland area. This tactic lead to a drastic increase in the number of reviews and mentions online, which pushed his Google search rankings up, and in turn drove a lot of visits to the Good Greens website.


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