PR strategies, Lyft vs. Sidecar

In looking around for PR strategies that my company could emulate I cam across two very similar companies (almost identical) but with very different PR outcomes.  

The two companies, sidecar and Lyft, are in the ride sharing industry. Created at similar times, Sidecar and Lyft allow people to find vetted drivers around town and catch a ride from one place to another.  Riders and invited to sit in the front seat, choose the music and potentially become friends with the driver. The ideas were born around the same time 2011 (ish) and presumably they came to life at the some time for some of the same reasons, e.g. technology sufficiently advanced and market existing.  

The strange thing is that Lyft has an enormous amount of press from very high profile publications, Time Magazine, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, etc.  Where Sidecar barely boasts any press aside from the San Francisco Business journal and Seattle’s The Stranger Magazine.  

Where is the delta? 

The press for Lyft seems to focus on the novel idea of ride sharing.  They don’t seem to have any press “stunts” or other newsworthy events.  Sidecar has the same novel product story but, for whatever reason are not being profiled by the world’s biggest publications.  At this stage in the game I have no data as to why Lyft was more successful here.  Were they simply first to market?  Did they simply do a better job at reaching out to the media?  More research required….  



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