Social Rewards- Online Customer Acquisition and KPI

Social Rewards is an advertising and marketing company which offers a social loyalty platform where brands reward users for social activity. Users sign up for an account on Social Rewards, engage with brands’ different programs, spread the word via their Facebook, Twitter, Klout or even Youtube account to earn rewards.

For example, a customer logs in and shares a tweet about an event, the customer gets points for other forms of rewards. Or the customer earns rewards by liking a Facebook post. Social Rewards is an online version of  incentivized “word of mouth” marketing tactic.It works the best for airlines, hotels,restaurants, events, movie theaters and e-commerce companies.

As the company capitalizes its business concept by utilizing social media, Social Rewards acquires online customers through social media channels, along with blogs and company website.

For the retail merchants, the KPI for the company is simple, they use the sales conversion rate to measure success. For the events, attendance rate is the KPI for measuring success.





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