Punchy PR by Lowes

Lowe’s retail home improvement and appliance store uses Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite to distribute its publication, Creative Ideas. The publication includes free inspirational content such as DIY projects and home makeovers (with links to the online store). By providing video and interactive step-by-step instructions, the publication can appeal to a lot of different learning styles – and ultimately pull them into the store. Lowe’s  supported their Creative Ideas magazine iPad app with a national TV ad in 2012. The retailer also works with home remodeling and design social site Houzz. Their app was featured by tv.adobe.com as the app of the week in June 2013, has also featured in numerous blogs on home improvement and even has a book written on it (Creative Ideas for Organizing your Home).

Lowe’s has a great PR strategy through its Creative Ideas , which is published through a traditional mix of media channels like a magazine, an app, a blog, a pinterest board, a youtube channel and a blog network called ‘Creative Ideas creators and influencers network’. The Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine app provides free access to tons of inspirational ideas and projects for the home. Their monthly magazine issues  features all kinds of home improvement topics, including decorating, gardening, landscaping, and much more. Their iPad application has been one of the top-five iPad apps in Apple’s App Store for some time.They make it easy to go from inspiration to action with easy-to-follow instructions, how-to videos, product links, and other helpful resources. The projects not only cover home projects but also event planning, for example, how to plan a kid’s outdoor party and lists of various items to be bought for different party themes. The Lowe’s Creative Ideas app is absolutely free and unlike some magazine apps, every issue is free, too. They feature customers’ DIY projects on their blog and website thus eliciting participation and also host challenges and contests on various home improvement topics among its customers. The app has a 3 step home improvement project guide (selecting one’s budget, room dimensions and style) as well as multiple videos. (this is very similar to what team Roomer is planning to offer). They also partner with many moving services to help customers while relocating as well as checklists for packing, moving and unpacking.


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