“Better Life”- Truly better?


Better Life is a range of kitchen and other cleaning products that is completely chemical free. It pretty much cleans any surface, leaves no chemical stains and is odorless. All of their products are harmless on skin and are particularly designed to be kid-friendly.

I found this product via Shark tank! It was interesting to see entrepreneurs’ brilliant pitch and as to how they convinced one of the shark’s to invest in their line of products. Their demonstration of the product was what convinced me to buy the same.

Better Life’s products are currently available only in high-end stores such as Whole Foods, Crate and Barrel or their online store. Their hand soap, which I purchased, is priced at 6.99$ for 12 Oz. Other similar brands, with almost similar composition, such as Seventh generation is priced at 2.99$ for 12 Oz and is available at every grocery and drug store. Also, Better life doesn’t show up under “organic product” search (or with other simple key words) and is difficult to find.

Ideally, I would have loved to see a much competitive price i.e. at least 2$ less and being available at other stores as well. Also, in terms of search, it would be great if I could find them with obvious and easy key words.


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