Buying at Amazon – Positive Experience and Saved Money

The ink toner is out and of course I waited to reorder toner until the printer actually stopped working. I usually buy it at Office Max, but decided to purchase it online. At Amazon, I simply typed in “Epson Stylus NX 430” into the search feature. The first item that appeared was the four-pack of toner that I need. I am very pleased with the ease-of-use of Amazon’s search engine. The price seems unbelievable -it is listed at $6.31 for a savings of $79.29. This price seems impossible, but I trust Amazon, so I proceed.

After putting a quantity of ‘5’, I click “Proceed to Checkout”. This takes me to a screen that asks for my password. Since I am a returning customer, I simply type in my password and it takes me to a page for reviewing my order. I still can’t believe my total for 5 four-pack cartridges is $31.55.

My only disappointment was with the shipping cost and options for the shipping days. I am offered only 3-5 day shipping at a cost of $17.45. Since I’m out of toner, I would like to get this item sooner. However, even if there was the option for next day shipping, I wouldn’t pay more than $17.45. This price seems extremely high, especially for a small item like toner. Still, comparing the savings that I received on the toner makes $17.45 for shipping seem trivial.

I clicked once more to complete the confirmation and promptly received a confirmation email. Once again, Amazon has provided a positive experience with online shopping.


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