Amazon Subscribe and Save

For the past few years, every time I get a checkup at the doctor’s office, my doctor reminds me that I need to take Vitamin D supplements.  This year, I actually decided to take her advice.  But before venturing out to a traditional brick and mortar store to buy, I began with an online search to find out which brands of vitamins are the best, include natural ingredients, and don’t have unnecessary added ingredients.

My search brought me to finding the vitamins I wanted on  Since I have an Amazon Prime membership, I decided to buy via Amazon and get my vitamins delivered in 2 days.  During the checkout process, Amazon offered me the option to enroll in their Subscribe and Save program.  Subscribe and Save allows you to select from a wide variety of products (including grocery, health & beauty, baby, household supplies, and vitamins), subscribe to a regular repeating delivery schedule, get free delivery, and save up to 15% on your subscribed products.  

So of course I signed up for Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program.  I will be receiving replenishment shipments of my vitamins every 2 months.   The program didn’t cost anything to join; and I can cancel or change my delivery schedule at any time.  So check it out!

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