FedEx/Kinko’s: Online vs In Person?

I needed to get 2 3ft x 8 ft banners printed for an event I am co-hosting this week. I wanted to find a place nearby, so I went to Yelp to check my options. I found a place in SODO and gave them a call. They were lovely, but told me my order was smaller than they typically handle so it wouldn’t be economical to go with them. Very nice and honest…Ok, I’ll come back for a larger order.

I then found FedEx/Kinko’s had an online ordering system where I could upload my banner design, customize and order it, picking it up down the street the next day. Score!

As I used their online design system, my banner kept looking weird. I tried every option, spending about 45 minutes on the project. Finally, I called the FedEx office to ask for their help. They suggested I come in the next morning to get their help. Argh, ok.

The next morning, I brought my banner in on a thumb drive and the store manager helped me with a smile. She made the process easy and efficient. The in-person service was light years ahead of the online experience. Additionally, I was able to negotiate a 20% discount! So my $330 total ended up being $264. Score for real!

In theory, FedEx’s online ordering system seems like a great way to streamline and increase orders but the personal touch made me realize that I’ll be in an in-person client from now on.


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