Out With The Old, In With The New


Making a purchase on HuckBerry.com

It was my birthday recently and a couple weeks prior my wife asked me what I wanted. My old wallet long ago disintegrated and I decided this would be a great opportunity to get a new one. When I told her she said, “Cool, just pick one out and get it”. So much for a surprise.

I really like a site called HuckBerry, which curates an amazing rotating collection of men’s ware – everything from gadgets to camping gear to clothes. It was the first place I thought to look for my new wallet and sure enough, they had some awesome ones. The selection is small, but what they do have is well chosen and displayed very enticingly on the screen.

I found one that I liked called the Slim Sleeve, made by a small company called Bellroy, all of whose products are designed and made in the USA. Huck Berry even had a cool video about the wallet.

In regards to pricing, the selection of wallets ranged from $60-$120. They only had a few wallets in the $120 range, which I’m sure was purposeful. In this tiered pricing strategy the $120 wallets made everything else seem very reasonable. The pricing strategy certainly worked on me because I actually shied away from anything over $100, which felt to me like too much for a wallet. The one I purchased was $80, which is still a lot but seemed quite reasonable compared to the $120 wallets.

The proverbial icing on my birthday cake was that they exceeded my expectations when it came to delivery. My order confirmation told me that I would receive the wallet in 8-10 days, which by the time I made the purchase would have been too late for my birthday. I was not given an option to choose the shipping method. I received the wallet on my birthday, 3 days later. They under promised and over delivered, and I loved seeing the package at my door way earlier than I thought. As an added bonus, the packaging the wallet comes in is REALLY cool.

Way to go Huck Berry.


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