Purchase Silk shirt from Everlane

Everlane is an B2C online store. This store is very unique because it only sells limited styles of clothes and 2 styles of bags. Without middle man, Everlane could provide good quality products with low price. The shipping fee can be waived if you buy 2 items.

I need to buy a silk shirt. I went to Nordstrom and Mayc’s this weekend. However, for good quality silk shirt, it cost at lease $150!! So I turned to online store. One of my friend highly recommended this store. I went to the website and found the whole design is super user friendly. The price is only half of the inshore one. The design is clean and clear!

For online shopping, the size and quality is the first and high barrier. Everlane makes it easy to overcome. Firstly, for each clothes, it provides a video with model wearing the clothes walking around to show the style. And also it provides many details of the clothes with zoom in easily. Secondly, for the first time user, it provides free return policy. The shipping fee is $10 if you buy only one item. I fount this is very interesting, since the store has low price and good quality T-shirt. I made my order 2 items and didn’t hesitate to place. From start to finished the order, it took me only 15 mins! (One of the main reasons was that Everlane doesn’t provide so many choices)It’s fast 2 day free shipping. And to be honest even I didn’t receive the product, I’m pretty sure I will satisfied.



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