Stop the Prezis: A New Way to Think about Presentations

During the Evening MBA class of 2014 orientation weekend I participated in a session led by Dan Turner, the Associate Dean for Masters Programs, giving an overview of the MBA program within the larger context of the University of Washington. He did not however use the traditional PowerPoint that is the staple of presentations throughout academia, but rather, something I had never seen before, something new and exciting… something called a Prezi.

I was able to go out to their website to sign up for a free trial, which automatically enrolls you in one of three tiered pricing levels depending on need. I was ready, willing, and able to pay for the middle tier, or “Enjoy” level at $59 per year. Fortunately, there was a student pricing option available that gave nearly all of the benefits, such as keeping my presentations private and providing increased storage space, at zero cost.

The entire experience was very positive and easy. The student pricing required a quick email validation, followed by the desktop interface program in a second email. The only partial issue I found was in the download, which took a bit longer than I would have expected. Additionally, it required an immediate update, meaning another download and login before I was able to begin using the program. Overall, the experience of acquisition and pricing for the end consumer (me) was a successful one.


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