Amazon – Kindle eBook

Several months back, I was gifted a Kindle Fire from the company that I work for. I had always been skeptical to purchase one for myself, since I am accustomed to (and, honestly, thought I preferred) the feel of a physical book while I am reading. The first book that I had purchased on my Kindle was a textbook, since the cost of the book was significantly less than the physical equivalent. Recently, however, I was given an assignment by my boss to read “A Well Trained Mind” in preparation for a new initiative that my company was preparing to undertake. I looked up the book online and found that the cost for the Kindle version was significantly less expensive (at $21.95) than the physical copy (>$40.00). Not only was the book less expensive, I would also be able to begin reading the book immediately. I purchased the Kindle edition of the book on my laptop from my Amazon account on their website. I turned on my Kindle, and, almost immediately, my book was available for me to being reading. Talk about a great alternative to either 1) waiting for a physical book (and more expensive!) to be mailed to me, or 2) driving to a local bookstore (again, more expensive, plus the cost of time and gas), in hopes that the book is in stock, to purchase.  I highly recommend that everyone purchase a Kindle, or at least try it!


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