Finding Flight Fares

I was recently looking to purchase plane tickets from Seattle to Las Vegas for a weekend trip planned for March.  I immediately pulled out my computer to begin comparing fares, starting with the local, all-in-one provider, Expedia.  I start here to get a ballpark on prices for tickets, keeping in mind preferable departure times and ideally getting non-stop flights.  Wanting the preferable leave after work and come home right after checkout flights, I knew I wouldn’t be getting the lowest prices. 

After determining the best I could do at Expedia was $360, I went to look for deals at airlines not featured on Expedia.  I know that Southwest makes a point of staying off of sites like Expedia however they were about $25 more than the Alaska flight from Expedia.  I also tried the up-and-coming Allegiant Air which flies out of smaller Bellingham.  They are usually cheaper, but I always weigh the cost savings with the inconvenience of driving the extra hour each way.  At $335, I decided to spend the extra money.

In returning to Expedia, I checked for other airlines leaving from Bellingham and actually found an Alaska flight flying from Bellingham through Seattle for $20 LESS than the original flight I had found originally!  Two extra flights for less money?  Seems counter-intuitive, but Alaska wants to drive more traffic to its lesser-frequented destination. 

In the end, I stuck with the $360 Alaska flight from Expedia.  Some would then try to lookup flights on, trying to shave a few more dollars, but I choose reward companies that provide affordable conveniences.  And not only does Expedia give me a place to look at numerous airlines at once, but they have my credit card and travel information stored so I can give them money easily.


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