Move over Pac-Man

I can’t remember the last time I read a book for pleasure… with a heavy curriculum full of required readings, the MBA program has stifled my enjoyment of physically opening a book. However, at my father’s insistence I decided to find and read a book near and dear to his heart, “Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage”. As he put it, serving 30 years in the US Navy dramatically impacted my father’s parenting style, and by reading this book I would better understand the man beneath the gruff exterior.

I first searched at the local community library. Funny, contrary to our business school library, this location actually housed physical books – not merely computer desks where undergraduate students bury their heads in laptops pretending to study while instead surfing Facebook. Sadly, this older, unpopular book wasn’t available. Naturally I turned to Amazon Prime as my hunt for the book continued. Out of curiosity, I first looked at my purchase history over the past 6 months… in addition to required textbooks purchased just before the first day of class, I also apparently found it necessary to overnight ship knickknacks and pointless trinkets. $2.99 next-day shipping fed my impassivity and filled my shelves with useless novelties.

Not surprising, Amazon DID have my book for sale; and at a used price of $4.99 it was cheaper than the gas and time it took me to search local libraries and 2nd hand bookstores. I would have paid $10 or more to avoid the hassle of tracking down this book so having it delivered directly to my doorstep, by the weekend, for under $5, was a no-brainer. And so now it sits on the shelf, next to a Pac-Man Heat change Mug and a Bunny Rabbit Pet Costume, waiting for a lull in an overbearing fall quarter and a moment of inspiration.


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