My purchase experience on

Before I went on my trip to Florida last week,  I found that I ran out of sunscreen and some other skin care stuffs. I wanted to buy them as soon as possible because my trip was in 3 days. But soon I found that it’s so inconvenient to buy them in the drugstore which needs 30 minutes walk. Although I could ask my host family to drive me to the drugstore but I really didn’t want to bother them. So I decided to buy those items online. I searched for several online stores and found that had all the products I wanted and was in relatively good price. I put all products I wanted into the shopping cart and there came a problem.

Although I can buy those products in a very good price, but the free shipping starts from $35. And if I want them shipped in 2 days I have to pay $10.99 to receive a 2 day shipping.

Then I noticed that there was a small sign under every item called shoprunner free 2-day shipping. I clicked to see how it works and found that I can sign up for free try the service for 30-days. It has unlimited free 2-day shipping with no minimum order size and also offer free return shipping. I can cancel anytime during the trial and I won’t be charged the membership fee. As soon as I learned that I decided to try it for free.

Yes. I received the package right before I left for the trip in 2 days. I was satisfied with this free 2-day shipping provided by the ShopRunner. Since I don’t buy things online very often,  I don’t want to pay the $79 annual membership fee for shipping. After I came back from the trip, I decided to cancel it.

Interesting things happened when I clicked the cancel button. They wanted to provide me a 90-day free shipping trial! I thought, okay, maybe I can use it for a while and cancel it later. Then I found that if I use their service for 3 times in this 90 days, I can get an additional 1-year free shipping without membership fee. That means I can use this free 2-day shipping service until February 2015! I was impressed by what they provided to their customers. Now I don’t want to cancel it. Let’s see what will happen in February 2015.


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