Nike FuelBand -Fuelling your fitness goals

My team decided to participate in a FitBit challenge as part of our yearly giving campaign. The team with the highest collective points wins the challenge. This was the first time I was exposed to “Wearable fitness devices (eg: Fitbit)” technology. This smart device tracks and measures day to day activities and helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. As I started researching this area I came across Nike FuelBand. This device was Nike’s answer to FitBit. The device looked pretty cool. After going through their promotional videos, I was convinced that FuelBand was my answer to my elusive fitness goals. I ended up pre-ordering my Nike FuleBand. The device was launched on the 6th of November. I was excited to a be an early adopter.

Nike FuelBand

As a loyal Amazon customer, I started off looking for an attractive bargain in Amazon. It turned out to be more expensive ($189) than what Nike was offering on their website ($149). Shipping was free.

I ended up buying the device on for $149. The price is $20 more that the Fitbit Force model. I was hoping that Nike would introduce the FuelBand to match FitBit’s price. However, Nike FuelBand looks way better that Fitbit. The device was shipped within a day and it arrived on time as promised. I was notfied when the device was shipped and when the device was delivered. With FuelBand in my hand, I am fueled up to hit my daily goals. Bring it on!


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