I’ve been using different face wash mechanisms for years, switching from generic brands to name brands constantly and without really noticing a difference. Finally, one of my friends suggested I try Proactiv. A few weeks later I saw an online ad for a trial offer for the Proactiv 3 step kit which included renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner, and repairing treatment and a special gift all for $19.99. I was skeptical at first since it was unclear what the benefits of each item where, but my friend did look pretty great so I thought I’d give it a try.

I excitedly received the Proactiv trial in the mail 2 days later, which I thought was pretty good considering I didn’t pay for shipping. In the box there were the 3 items plus some other lotion and a bunch of papers and pamphlets, which I immediately threw away.  I used the 3 step kit for few days, but it quickly became into a 2 step kit and then a 1 step kit due to my laziness – but the results were pretty good.

I was pretty happy with the 1 step I stuck with and was looking to order just the renewing cleanser on Amazon when another Proactiv box appeared at my door step. I was a bit confused since I did not remember ordering more, but I opened it up and used the renewing cleanser and tossed the other bottles and pamphlets away. Later when looking at my credit card bill, I saw I was charged $19.99 for the trial offer but another $99.99 for the next package! I called the company, confused and annoyed. Apparently in the paper work that I threw away it was stated that I was automatically signed up to continue receiving Proactiv every three months for $99.99. I cancelled the service and bought the 1 step I used on Amazon for $15.00 when I ran out.


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