Delivers Beyond Our Expectations

For the last few month my wife and I were passively shopping for a house by visiting various websites and looking at the listings. About a week ago we decided to finally get an agent and begin our active search.

We’ve asked around our friends and family for the real estate agents they recommend, however making that first contact with recommended parties for us was hard. Like some sort of invisible boundary prevented us from reaching out to a potential agent. Problem resolved itself through services offered at

One day I was browsing properties on website and found a listing of interest, on the right bar of the page I’ve noticed “schedule a tour” button. Without thinking much I’ve clicked it, which opened a prompt asking if I’d like to add more properties to my tour and that a Redfin agent will be contacting me shortly. I’ve added couple more properties and sure enough 30 minutes later an agent called me confirming details for my tour. She informed me that there is no direct fee for her services and that I will be refunded 1% of the closing commissions if  I were to buy through them. I thought that fee structure was fair and agent’s qualifications were widely supported on the website which gave me enough confidence to proceed with her as my agent.

I believe that Redfin provides a unique service that allows you to stay in control of the house search as you view all the listings online while getting all the support you need through their agents. From several interactions with my agent it became apparent that they are customer focused company and are willing to work around your schedule to make sure you find the home you are looking for. I wouldn’t pay any more or less for the services provided by as I believe that they are priced fair and bring unique business model as a company that more and more home buyers will find attractive.


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