USB Flash Drive on Amazon

Last week I lost my USB flash drive, thus I bought one from Amazon. The primary reason I chose to look for one on Amazon is that it is both convenient and quick. Since I use a USB flash drive very often, it is urgent for me to get a new one. Also, Amazon could meet all my needs while simply put in keywords. And while I have student prime account, I could get a free two days shipping. Therefore, I opened the Amazon site to look for a USB flash drive without thinking.

After typed in the keyword- USB, I narrowed down the range by some features. I decided to buy a normal style 4GB SanDisk USB flash drive, however, a thumb shape USB drive came up and caught my attention. I was really attracted by this special design and then switched my keyword. Several similar products came up. After looking into the details and customer reviews, I was a little hesitate to buy a unknown brand product with approximately 40 purchase record. Moreover, I could buy a higher quality product at the same price. Even though, I bought the thumb shape USB drive, because I believe the customer service of Amazon and I don’t know where to find another identical product.

As a less-known brand with special-stylized products, it is a good way to distribute on Amazon. On one hand, it has a huge loyal customers, on the other hand, it is a good distribution stage because of its accessibility.



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