YES! Send me a FREE year of Vegetarian Times

The last three years, holiday shopping for my step-mother has also selfishly included the added bonus of a gift for me. I have been a long-time subscriber to Vegetarian Times, still receiving a hard copy of the magazine monthly in the mail. The repurchase/gifting process has followed a similar pattern each time – open the magazine, find the self-addressed, postage paid by the addressee, business reply mail order form that includes both the “gift subscription” and the “bill me & send my subscription to:” options, check a box, mail it in, and pay later.

I expected that this year would be no different. However, when I opened up the latest version of the Vegetarian Times magazine, not one but four business reply mail order forms fell to the floor, each touting a different deal. There was both “Get Vegetarian Times” and “Give Vegetarian Times” order forms and a “Vegetarian Times Savings Voucher” that essentially said the same thing in a different way. Finally there was also the gift/self-gift order form which I had utilized in the past.

At that point I became very curious as to what my other options would be to repurchase the subscription, especially given the strong recent push in the magazine’s content to drive traffic to the Vegetarian Times website. There were even more options to sift through on the online subscriptions page, including “Receive 2 FREE issues plus 3 FREE gifts” – with the gifts being digital recipe booklets – and a bundling option which paired a subscription to Yoga Journal with Vegetarian Times for only an extra $10.

I kept it simple and decided on the self-addressed, postage paid by the addressee, business reply mail order form which included both the gift and self-gift subscription options, “for the low, low prices of just $24.” This is how I had planned on purchasing the gift, and even after further research, still found that it was the best deal and worked best for my purchasing desires. At that point I was happy to check a box and allow my future-self pay the bill when it comes at some point down the road.


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