Candy Crush Addiction

Walk down any sidewalk or ride on any public bus and there’s a good chance you’ll see people glued to their smartphones strategically trying to swipe candy pieces from one space to another.

The game, available through a free app, is called Candy Crush Saga, and it’s an addiction people are apparently willing to spend a lot of money on. When my husband told me our iTunes total, he was like, ‘You’ve got to stop.’ Candy Crush Saga is also the top-grossing mobile app because, while it is free to download and play, you can purchase additional lives to stay in the game. Think Gaming estimates that Candy Crush brings in around $633,000 per day for, its Britain-based maker, or $231 million per year in the U.S. alone.

I spent the past year, and a lot of money, getting to level 145, out of 400, in the game. Women ages 25 to 55 are its most loyal customers. Every time you reach a certain level you get a sense of satisfaction. We’re listening to music, which is very soothing, as we’re playing it and we hear a male voice that’s giving us all this positive reinforcement. Studies compare the rush women feel when they play the game to what others feel when they gamble. They’re waiting for the payoff!


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