Lyft: so much easier than a cab

After seeing several mustachioed cars around my neighborhood, my curiosity (and running late to a meeting downtown) finally persuaded me to sign up for Lyft. I downloaded the app from the app store, which was very quick and easy, and then just signed up through the app. A $10 coupon from a friend made my signup absolutely free, though I did have to enter a credit card number right away.

All in all, I much preferred the Lyft process vs. the cab process: hailing my Lyft, tracking my Lyft as it approached, and then paying for it were all easier than with a cab, plus it cost about the same. I love that I can pay with my phone rather than messing around with cash or a card when I’m trying to rush out of the car. Granted it’s not as snazzy as Uber, but for just getting somewhere quickly and easily, it does the trick. 


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