I’d like to break-up with the Gap, but it keeps bringing me back

I usually block all promotional email; however, I have a weakness for the Gap. I prefer to shop in an actual store, but the Gap lures me in with its online discounts that show up in my inbox a couple of times a week. The sweater I purchased last week in the store for full price is now on sale online for 30% off. When something fits, I tend to buy every color in it, and Gap’s online coupons give me the push to purchase more of the same item, just in a different color. (I put in an order for the same sweater that I have in navy blue in mint and black just yesterday.) And, no, I don’t have OCD.

The other reason the Gap is the only company that keeps bringing me back to shop at its website is that it offers most of its items in “tall” –  a rarity in women’s clothing. The “tall” sizes are offered only online, yet if the item doesn’t fit, I can return it at the actual store and avoid shipping costs. The Gap website also connects with Banana Republic, Athleta, and Piperlime – stores with similar discount coupon marketing techniques and “tall” sizes. There have been a couple of impulsive Athleta purchases, which occurred only because I was lead to the online store through the Gap website.

If the Gap offered me credit for referring a piece of clothing to a friend, I would consider it. Again, the Gap marketing techniques speak to my need to get a good deal, and I might be willing to give up a friend’s email for a discount. Although, I draw the line at referring someone to the company’s general website. But, somehow I can rationalize that it’s not too tacky to refer someone to something they might like.

There are probably stores that offer better clothing at better prices, but I just can quit the Gap.


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