Marineopolis Sushiland


I’m obsessed with conveyor belt sushi. Well, let me be clear- not that snooty Blue C stuff where you will spend upwards of $20 for lunch. Come on, what am I made of, golden dollar bills? No. I am made of a debit card with a grad student cash balance.

So in order to satisfy my craving for salmon sushi and crunchy crab rolls, where do I head? Marineopolis Sushiland! I am a loyal customer, visiting 2-3 times a week of I can wrangle it. In order to retain me as a repeat customer, they offer excellent values, delicious fresh fish and a cheerful disposition. I’ve tried other conveyor belt sushi but the price and quality keep me coming back to Sushiland.

Unfortunately, they do not offer any kind of loyal customer program or referral program.  A suggestion for a referral program could be an email I share with my friends. When I enter in my friend’s email address we both get a discount coupon for Sushiland. The program could also have an element that if you set a lunch date together right there you could get an extra coupon, increasing the odds that the new person will actually visit the restaurant.

I already evangelize about Sushiland and if I had an incentive, I would do so even more. Because really, sharing the gift of inexpensive, quality fish is the gift that keeps on giving!


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