Rulala- Online Flash sale

Rulala is an online flash sale platform. The deals are mainly high end premium product including fashion for both male and female, food, wine and furniture. Since the deals are refresh every 24 hours, consumers like me are getting addicted to this platform. To bring back more consumers, Rulala has very high first time shipping fee. However, you can enjoy 30-day free shipping after you placed your first order (Shipping fee is $9.96). To make the shipping worth, I keep revisit the website to find deals that I need. Most of the time the ‘needs’ were created by myself instead of real need. On the front page of Rulala, there’s a count down # of days that you can enjoy the free shipping and also Rulala sends out emails to remind the customers of their rights. The barrier for the consumer to leave is admit that you can’t take the full advantage of the $10 shipping fee and also give up the attractive deals. 

Normally,  Rulala will ask you to invent your friend by email or through social network such as Facebook. Once your friends placed the first order, you can receive $20 payback to shopping on Rulala. Some times, Rulala did some promotion activities such as $30 payback during limited time period. It’s very attractive. Combine with the shipping strategy, it make it looks like a flywheel. 




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