Zipcar vs. Car2Go

I have a brother who every time we get together tries to convince me to sign up for Car2Go. His logic is rock solid. I live in the city, don’t have a car, and for the last two years have been a regular user of Zipcar. He tells me that Car2Go is just like Zipcar…. but better. You only pay for actual driving time and there are cars everywhere you’d want them.

While I don’t discount the virtues of Car2Go, I’m a loyal Zipcar user who has little interest in signing up for a second car sharing service.

A big part of my sticking with Zipcar is it’s an ideal fit for my needs. I live conveniently close to both school and work, so I don’t need a car for commuting. I use Zipcar on evenings and weekends; most commonly when going on dates. In that situation, I like the comfort of knowing the car will still be there after dinner is over. Plus, there are tons of Zipcars in my neighborhood, so I rarely have trouble booking one.

The other factor in my loyalty to Zipcar is an irrational reluctance to go through Car2Go’s signup process. I’m sure it’s just as painless as the process I went through for Zipcar. But still, it just seems like just enough hassle to prevent me from giving Car2Go a try.

While not as vocal about it as my brother, I do recommend Zipcar to friends when the subject comes up in conversation. I’ve also noticed recently that Zipcar is trying to encourage referrals by offering cash rewards. I received an email 10 days ago offering $80 in car credit per referral. That’s definitely an attractive deal, but it’s tough to attract a lot of attention with an email offer these days. Personally, I hope they come out with a more creative campaign as it’d be a great comeback for the next time I see my brother.


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