Mlife – the one Las Vegas player’s club that has you covered. At least at all MGM Resorts International properties.

Ok, yes, I am a member of a Las Vegas casino players club.  I signed up at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas during a visit in my mid-20s.  At the time, I had been making annual trips for a few years for all manner of celebrations.  I’m not a big gambler, but I do like to play a few slots here and there.  So I figured why not sign up for the player’s club and accumulate some points that I could cash in somewhere down the road?

The casino players club is a great tool for retaining customers.  Members accumulate points through the course of gambling at the casino that they can trade in for a multitude of items, including room upgrades, discounted show tickets, dining and even merchandise through the online players club store.  In the case of MGM in Las Vegas, there are about 10 casinos that are part of the Mlife club, so the membership is good at multiple properties.  And once you’ve started accumulating points and rewards with one club or group of properties, it’s hard to start over somewhere else.  So you keep coming back.

In my experience with Mlife, retention practices also include promotional emails for a variety of deals, including the one that I’ve actually used – discounted room rates, which are lower than the best prices you’ll find on any of the travel sites.  The newest retention tool I’ve seen implemented for Mlife is a smartphone app for casino games that helps you accumulate points faster, capitalizing on the high levels of smartphone games played today. 

I’ve not seen much in terms of referral for the program, but think that it would be very easy for MGM to implement.  For example, with the new smartphone app they could provide current members with a limited number of invitations for friends to join, giving the referring member points for the referral and the new member points for joining.  

Viva Las Vegas!


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