Scarves Up Seattle!

The 2013 MLS season again saw Seattle Sounders FC lead the league in attendance, averaging just over 44,000 supporters per game. 2013 also marked the launch of the Sounders FC MatchPass program, a loyalty rewards program that allowed season ticket holders to earn points and later redeem them for exclusive Sounders FC rewards. With MatchPass, fans were able to load stored value onto the card for use at concessions and retail throughout CenturyLink Field as well as take advantage of member-only discounts and offers. As MatchPass data continues to build, Sounders FC will be able to offer increasingly targeted rewards to the team’s loyal fans.

By offering exclusive one-of-a-kind rewards and match day experiences, the Sounders organization appeals to the avid supporter with unique opportunities that will keep that individual coming back to the stadium again and again. Additionally, the MatchPass acts as a catalyst for referral through special ticket offers and discounted take-home gear for friends and family.


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