Tonx Coffee – New coffee at my door every two weeks

ImageTonx delivers a new type of high-end coffee to my house every two weeks.  You just select how much coffee you want and they deliver that amount.  With every package comes a new type of high-end coffee that provides some variety to my addiction. The day that the coffee is shipped out to me I receive two separate emails.  The first is a notification that my coffee has shipped with a tracking number that is easy to click on to that I can follow the journey of my beans from their roasting plant to my house.  The second is a newsletter email that tells me about the coffee that is one its way, gives me the ability to order more (for myself or as a gift to friends), and also usually has a silly contest (like putting a caption on a movie still) to win a “sack” of the latest Tonx roast.

In each package of coffee is a small, square paper with name of the coffee and a beautiful image that has something to do with my new beans – be it a photo of the coffee’s region or an image of the beans still on the vine, etc.  I usually keep this out by my coffee machine and friends/visitors tend to ask about it if we are having a cup.  Additionally, in the package comes a short write up of what is going on with the Tonx crew – it’s like a printed blog post that arrives with my coffee and I usually end up reading it as I am drinking that first cup of coffee.  Their tone is always very playful, honest, and humble.  It is a great balance.  Their barrier to exit is that they make their service so incredibly easy and cancelling would be like depriving myself of a present I get every other week – not only the coffee, but also, the cool pictures, and the fun stuff to read.

Lastly, Tonx offers its subscribers some additional benefits for referring friends everything from beans and mugs to t-shirts and hoodies. To help with this they provide an easy tool to “Spread the word” through Facebook, Twitter, email, or a custom hyperlink with several pre-written messages (again in their playful, honest, and humble tone).  They make it incredibly easy to tell people about their product and then track the number of people that come back to their site through your messages.  The more people that use your links the more impressive the rewards they will provide you.  Again, these guys have made everything so easy – from buying their coffee, to telling people about it, to getting rewarded for using their service.



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